Operations on this page may deal with other Operating Systems, specialty tasks, and other operations that are not under Desktop or Laptop Services.

Install a Virtual Machine (VM): (1160) –

This service will entitle you to an installation of one operating system onto a virtual environment of your choice (the software can be your choice of Parallels Desktop 11+, Oracle’s VirtualBox, or QEMU “Quick Emulator”). We do not provide the operating system that will go onto the virtual machine- you will need to buy and acquire the proper licenses beforehand. You must have a computer capable of effectively running a VM. We do not install any Mac OS X, or MacOS operating systems onto VM’s at this time.

Labour: $90.00

Parts: n/a

Install a Linux Distro: (1150) –

(this distro can be Debian, Ubuntu 13 or 14, or Fedora. Please note that you need a rather large hard drive to install:  /, /boot, /usr, /home, and a swap space. These installations work best on an older PC that you don’t really use anymore, or want you children to play around with.

Labour: $90.00

Parts: $10 (data download of distro)

Install Antivirus Software on Mac OS X (10.6.8 or newer): (1091) –

Labour: $30.00

Parts: n/a (dependent on Antivirus bought)

Computer Training and Information Sessions: (1065)

Do you relatives seem to talk that geeky language way to fast? Are you having trouble getting stuff down on your machine? I can help! Book an appointment, and I will explain anything you want to know slowly and clearly, and you are free to take notes while I talk! If you don’t have a device, you can use one of the systems in my office.

Training: $30.00 an hour

Clone an HDD/SSD Drive (1140) –

Get all your data and system files moved from your old drive to a new one. (note- the new SSD Drive should be the same size (or bigger) then the old HDD Drive).

Labour: $40.00

Dual Monitor Setup/Calibration (1130) –

Setup multiple monitors for gaming or business. A sleek and cost-reducing way to make the most of your extra screens… and it saves your energy by being able to quickly snap dialogs back and forth all day between them! This setup enables you two have two windows open fully on two screens at a time.

Labour: $80.00 (and +$30 dollars for every screen after two)

Data Recovery (Tier 1) (1200) –

Recover your data from a corrupted Windows installation, or from a non-working external HDD drive. This tier assumes your drive still physically runs fine (no physical damage to the drive).

Some general issues that fall under this tier: The drive’s housing may be physically damaged, but the drive works fine. Your PC may not recognize the drive. Windows got corrupted due to a Virus or failed update and you cannot recover your data. You accidentally deleted some files. The Hard drive got reformatted and your files are no longer accesible. Your SD Card/USB drive is corrupt or got reformatted.

Labour: $90.00 to 300 dollars (varies by scenario- inspection is 20 dollars. If we can’t do it ourselves in house, we will refund you your inspection fee and the quoted fee if paid, and find you a solution from another center that has the facility to get your recovery done promptly and efficiently)


You can email questions concerns or other general inquires to dkscomputersolutions@gmail.com

(Updated as of April 04th, 2017)