Get your home or work office network running efficiently and smoothly. I will be adding to this category gradually the next little while.

Network Setup (1 router + modem or line-in – DSL or Cable): (1300) –

Get your network up and running as fast as possible. This package includes setting up one Omni/dual or tri-band network (if your router supports it), setting your SSID to a meaningful name so you can quickly connect, adding a strong password using WPA/WPA-2 encryption, getting your devices online again and signed on, and setting a secure password for your router’s web-based login page.

Labour: $75.00

Parts: n/a (+ $30 for a tri-band network)

2 Router Slave/Master Network Setup (2 routers in a physical slave/master setup): (1310) –

Hook your two routers together to get more LAN ports! This is great for offices that need more then the basic 4 on the back of a router. You can utilize that old router sitting in the closet as a handy hard wire Ethernet center to get more of your devices online. This setup includes the addition of that second router to your existing network, and making sure connected devices work as expected.

Labour: $40.00

Parts: n/a


Updated: April 04th, 2017