All the legal stuff-

1. Your Privacy:

Our top priority is protection of your data. We are committed to ensuring that your private data, entrusted to us with your permission, will never leave our office or systems without your permission. You have complete control over backups, files, and other data that you have requested to be stored on our data centers. You have the right to ask us to delete your data securely at any time from all our systems. Your data is kept as securely as is within our power- out of reach of malicious persons as far as possible, and we strive to prevent any data falling into un-authorized hands.

a) For digital data that relates to information we cannot write down on paper (files, photos, documents, etc.), these are stored on a secure, 256 bit Encrypted drive (AEC Encoded).

b) For digital data that can be written down (passwords), we store these on paper and secure them for your safety- as we believe passwords are more vulnerable to hacking stored on a computer then in a physical location offline.

As with anything in this world, even secure measures are not enough sometimes, and data can be stolen, written over, physically damaged from external disasters, or digitally hacked (etc). Therefore, though we try our best to secure your data, when you give us our data, you are agreeing that there is a possibility that this data may be accidentally leaked, and that DKS Computer Solutions or Dakota Soares will not be held responsible for lost or stolen data on any of its computer systems if there is a breach. If there is a breach we will attempt to rectify it to the best of our ability as we see best, but cannot be held responsible for any data that has been illegally stolen or taken from us.

DKS Computer Solutions does not currently accept Credit Cards, and in the event that it, or any employee needs your card for learning purposes (for example showing you how to download a song from iTunes(C) or Google Play Music(C), that information will be kept confidential and will not be written down.

Your email address, physical address, and other private information shall be kept in strictest confidence, and shall not be sold or given to any third party without your permission and consent.

2. Quotes and Estimates

All quotes and estimates provided to clients by DKS Computer Solutions shall be void within 30 days of their release to the client. The client understands that an estimate/quote is for figurative and informative purposes only, and does not reflect exact monetary prices which may rise or fall. DKS Computer Solutions will take no responsibility for losses resulting in the failure to carefully review quotes and prices.

3. Digital Media

All pictures and video material is copyrighted by their respective owners. All picture and video materials are used for informational purposes and are not used to display a higher novelty of DKS Computer Solutions. All material herein contained on this website is the sole property of DKS Computer Solutions, unless noted. In the case of Testimonials, portfolios, themes, etc., they are used by permission from their respective owners.

All emails sent on behalf of DKS Computer Solutions are the property of DKS Computer Solutions, and clients shall not forward, copy, modify, or disclose them to third-parties unless permission is gained.

4. Warranties

a) Warranty for labour is 48 hours, and is decided on a case-by-case basis. Because actions that you may take on you computer after we have finished working with it are out of our control, certain things will not be covered. Labour warranty for hardware installations is 30 days for hardware, and 48 hours for drivers and software installations for the hardware. Warranty on recovery, virtual system configurations, computer cleanup will be decided with the customer. If nothing is decided, their is automatically no warranty. If there is a problem that we think was caused by us, then we will fix it free of charge, otherwise we will open a new ticket.

b) Warranty for parts is decided on a by purchase basis. Many manufacturers offer warranties to cover parts from 1 to 5 years. DKS Computer Solutions honours manufacturer warranties, In the case of a hardware failure and replacement within  30 days of installation, DKS Computer Solutions will re-install a new part with no labour charge (their may be re-stocking fees, HST/PST, or shipping that you must pay your manufacturer to return and replace the item, however DKS Computer Solutions will not charge you for the re-installation).

DKS Computer Solutions does not endorse third-party warranty extensions, but may ask whether or not you want a warranty that a retailer is offering for the product, Pros and cons can be assessed, but it is up to the customer to choose this route at an extra charge from the retailer.