LAPTOP REPAIR (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP) –

Visual inspection and Diagnostic – (1010) –

Parts:            n/a

Labour:       FREE

Basic Diagnostic Inspection (consultation on what to do about common computer errors; driver updates; etc.)  – (1020) –

Parts:           n/a

Labour:       $25.00

Advanced System Tune-Up (fix Windows Registry errors; optimize computer start-up time; clean up unused desktop icons and programs; and do a general cleanup of system files): –  (1030) –

Parts:          n/a

Labour:      $45.00

Hard Drive replacement/Installation (non bootable-disk… only available in some models) –  (1055) –

Parts:           (Price varies depending on purchased equipment)

Labour:       $25.00

Notebook Memory Upgrade (SDRAM-, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3) – (1051) –

Parts:           (Price depends on memory configuration)

Labour:       $20.00

Keyboard Replacement (does not include backlit keyboards.. and replacement may not be possible depending on model- price refundable if not possible- outsource option available)  – (1057) – 

Parts:           (Price depends on model and availability)

Labour:        $35.00

System Dust Removal and Cleaning – (1040) –

Parts:             n/a

Labour:         $25.00

Fan Replacement – (1058) –

Parts:              (Price depends on model and availability)

Labour:          $60.00

Install New Windows O.S on a new/blank Laptop – (includes disk format (or disk replacement) Windows update and security application install; remove unwanted programs; (1085) –

Parts:               (Price depends on hard drive and O.S)

Labour:           $110.00

Create a recovery disk for new operating systems – install free applications; install windows updates and security updates;  (1070) –

Parts:                 $5.00

Labour:             $50.00

Application Installation (other than O.S) (1090) –

Parts:                  n/a  (depends on app)

Labour:              $15.00

Ultimate Virus Removal – installs AVAST! Antivirus (2014) rated best on the market; installation of Norton Security or MacAfee available upon request – all with latest updates. (1101) –

Parts:                 (Software costs $70.00)

Labour:             $40.00

Data Backup  – Backup to your external Hard Drive; (1120) –

(See Desktop Services)

Basic Data Recovery (images) (1200) –

(See Specialty Operations)

Operating System Installation with Data Backup and Restore – (1110) – 

Parts:                  (Cost of Operating System)

Labour:              $140.00


Updated:April 04th, 2017