DESKTOP COMPUTER REPAIR (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP)

Visual Inspection and Consultation (1010) –

Labour:   FREE

Parts:       N/A

Basic Diagnostic – Identify problems in your system with recommendations for repair  (fee waived if work is done) (1020) –

Labour:   $30.00

Parts:       N/A

System Tune Up – Optimize system speed and boot up time – Includes upgrade recommendations (1030) –

Labour:  $45.00

Parts:      N/A

System Dust Removal and Cleaning (1040) –

Labour:  $25.00

Parts:      N/A

Hardware Installation (does not include cost for buying products) (1050’s) –

Memory:       Memory for PC (all types in the DDR family)            $20.00 (labour only)

Video Card:   Video Cards  (PCI-E or AGP)                                       $30.00 (labour only)

Optical Drive (DVD or Blu-Ray):                                                       $25.00 (labour only)

Power Supply:                                                                                    $60.00 (labour only)

Hard Drive or Solid State Hard Drive (non-bootable):                    $25.00 (labour only)

Fan Replacement:                                                                              $40.00 (labour only)

In-store Product Training (30 minutes, by appointment) – Training on general computer terms, how to buy a computer etc. (1060) –

Labour:  $25.00 (or hourly rate if over 45 minutes)

Parts:      N/A

Create Recovery Disk for New System – Remove unnecessary software ; Install Windows updates and Microsoft Security Essentials; Install free applications: (1070) –

Labour:  $50.00

Parts:      $5.00

Operating System Installation (Windows) – Setup Windows on a new/blank (no OS) PC. Install drivers and Windows updates; Install Microsoft Security Essentials; Remove unnecessary software; Operating System software not included. (1080) –

Labour:  $70.00

Parts:     (dependent on the O.S that you purchase… O.S not included in labour price)

Application Installation – Install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, or other applications) (1090) –

Labour:  $15.00

Parts:     (does not include application… you purchase that!)

Virus Removal – Remove viruses;  AVAST!, Norton, or MacAfee Antivirus software with latest updates (1100) –

Labour:  $55.00

Parts:    (dependent on what you buy or do not buy.

Operating System Installation with Data Backup and Restore;  Includes a backup of your data before installing a new operating system onto your computer. Data is then restored to your computer.  (this operation will delete programs- so please have program disks/ and or backup copies of programs to re-install. Programs are reinstalled as part of the package). (1110) –

Labour:  $140

Parts:     N/A (does not include O.S)

Data Backup (1 T.B – 6 T.B) on your Drive so we can back up your highly valued personal files (1120) –

Labour:  $30.00 (add $10 dollars on each terabyte over 2 TB for backup. Data only. Does not include System files or applications)

Parts:     N/A

General Servicing– (Printer setup, Misc.) (1065) –

Labour: $30.00/hr.

Parts:    (varies or is not applicable)

CUSTOM BUILD – (2000) –

I build the system for you, to the specifications that you want, or, if you are not quite sure what you need, contact me to find out what might be best for you. I currently will only build new PC’s with Intel(r) Sandy Bridge: Pentium (Quad or Dual), i3, i5, or i7 (excluding Extreme Editions) processors. Systems can include on board graphics or select cards by NVIDIA, EVGA or other NVIDIA Dealers (certain AMD RADEON graphics are fine as well). All motherboards will be Intel boards with the Sandy Bridge 1155 chip set. Memory can be DDR3 only, as only i7 chips support DDR4 at this time. You can choose if you want SSD or HDD drives, or DVD/BLUE RAY drives. The case and fans can be your choice as long as they fit the proper INTEL boards. Windows 10 Home will be pre-installed. Please inquire if you want additional software or Windows 10 Professional installed.

BASE PRICE WITHOUT COMPONENTS OR OPERATING SYSTEM: $275 (includes supplies- CPU glue, OS install etc.)*

*parts will vary in price, the following base price is the labour and supplies I will need to do the job properly!


You can email questions concerns or other general inquires to

(updated as of April 04th, 2017