Windows 10 ‘Creator’s Update’

Look out for the Windows 10 “Creators Update”! It is expected to roll out in waves on April 11th. You can manually download it from Microsoft’s website, or manually download it on April 5th. Otherwise it will be installed as an update on the 11th and onward. Major Release features can be found here:


Hello Everyone! A couple of things! I will be once again updating this site with new/improved information on services offered by the company. I have started my Bachelor’s of Science in Information and Computing Systems at Athabasca University. A few weeks after I started studies, I was invited onto the Student Union Magazine’s staff as […]

New Feature for Customers

New Feature added for existing customers of DKS Computer Solutions! Previously, we have kept your data safe from cyber-attacks on Seagate Premium Technology LaCrie HDD Drives. Today, your complimentary data storage gets better! All customers who have requested data to be stored on the drives for backup will now have their data protected with XTS-AES […]

Pricing Updates

I am still ironing out some quirks and additions to the website- it is a big task, especially when you are the sole web developer! Some changes will be coming to the price lists, I hope to also add some new services, and expand the business’ reach more into Middlesex area. Some  back-end things include […]

Up and Running!

Finally I think we have a viable theme to work with here 🙂 After much deliberating and effort, I think we have a site that will suite us for some years to come. If you have any suggestions or want to let me know of any errors or omissions, please tell me! Dakota