About the Company:

DKS Computer Solutions is a privately run Information Technology repair company based in Arva, Ontario. We fix all manner of end-user systems, both hardware and software. The company only works with Windows(c) based systems at this time, but we do work with Ubuntu 14 and other distros of Linux, and plan on unofficially working with Apple products in the near future.

Our Mission:

To provide top quality service to all consumers as quickly as possible and at the best price for all involved. To speak and articulate clearly what we can do to solve your problems. To be a business of integrity and honesty in all our dealings. And lastly to find a suitable solution if we cannot seem to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

About the Owner:

Dakota is CEO and owner of his own small but growing tech firm. He has been working with computers since 2009 when he was given an old Windows ’95 machine. Since then he has had in depth experience with every Windows OS. Before delving into tech, Dakota graduated with his Master Certification in the popular Architectural Design AutoCAD program in 2011.

Dakota is taking his Bachelor’s Degree in Computing and Information Technology Systems from Athabasca University, and is planning to switch to Western and finish his degree, along with an HBA from Ivey. He is a Windows Insider for the Windows 10 Insider Program, and is proficient in the Microsoft C# Programming language.When he is not studying or working for his company, he is tending his side business, a non-certified organic/non-GMO chicken farm. (facebook.com/sonshineacrechickenmeats)

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At this time we do not service iMacs or other Apple products. If you need help with an Apple product, please take it into your local Apple Dealer for repairs.

*We do not offer our services to those with the ‘basic’ editions of Windows… these are not used widely in North America. We service Home, Professional, and Enterprise.